Hello! I am Jennifer Farmer, a Florist from Los Angeles, California

My love of all things floral began when I was a young girl and learned about gardening from my mother and grandfather. Those happy early experiences have led to a lifelong appreciation and passion for creating beautiful flower bouquets and arrangements for all occasions.

I often said that being a florist is a 100% make-happy business – everyone loves the sweet surprise of receiving flowers!

I offer unique, one-of-a-kind designs that are unlike any other "cookie cutter" flowers from national chains. I'm always seeking and exploring new challenges to bring together the most beautiful color and texture combinations to ensure that each arrangement is memorable and unique.

Jenni Fleurs opened its doors in 2011, but I've been a florist my entire life in many ways. It all started when I received Valentine's day flowers from my husband. He would spend $120 to get flowers that dried the next day. So I said, "listen, why don't you give me the money and I'll get the flowers at the flower mart?" He agreed because he knew that the benefit of this arrangement meant that I could not only create a beautiful bouquet that would last a long time, but I also would get to play with flowers all day while creating beautiful arrangements.

So, this was an even better gift than just giving flowers. Soon after, I started to put together flowers for birthdays and companies. In the late 90s, I created my first wedding arrangements on a small budget and eased into doing it professionally.

Jenni Fleurs was created to bring happiness to my clients and recipients of my creations. That is one of the best gifts when gifting a beautiful bouquet is knowing that it made someone's day.

I create unique designs and helps come up with flower arrangements that fit the occasion and budget. These arrangements are reasonably priced and guaranteed to last at least seven days, or she will replace the bouquet.

When you order, you will receive personalized customer service. If you want, I can send you reminders of important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries so that you never miss a special occasion.

Jennifer Farmer